What does DGAF stand for?

Don’t give a f***

DGAF is a slang term that people use when they really don’t give a hoot about something or someone. It’s a way to express intense indifference or lack of interest. It’s often used in text messages, online forums, and social media posts.

For instance, if your buddy is fed up with his overbearing boss, he might vent out by saying, “I DGAF about his deadlines.” It’s a way of saying he’s had enough and he just doesn’t care anymore.

But be careful! Since DGAF contains a curse word, it can rub some people the wrong way. So, think twice before using it, especially in a formal or professional setting.

You might also come across variations of DGAF. Some other ways people express the same sentiment include “IDGAF,” “IJDGAF,” “IDC,” and “IDFC.” These are all acronyms that mean pretty much the same thing: I don’t care.

Example for using ‘DGAF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new dress code at work?

Yeah, I saw the email. DGAF, gonna wear whatever I want!

Haha, that’s brave. I’m just gonna follow the rules.

IDGAF about their rules. They can’t tell me what to do!