What does Died mean?

Laughed really hard

When you see the slang term ‘Died’ in a text or social media comment, it means that someone found something so funny they laughed so hard, they felt like they could die. It’s a way of expressing extreme amusement or laughter. Like if your buddy sends you a clip of his dad trying to rap, you might respond with, “Died” or “I just died.”

‘Died’ is typically used in response to hilarious texts, online messages, or social media posts. It’s just an exaggerated way of saying that something was extremely funny. This term is interchangeable with ‘dead’ and is the past tense of ‘dying’.

It’s not the only slang term used to communicate laughter or amusement. Other popular terms include LOL, Haha, LMAO, and ROFL. Each of these expressions is a different way to say that something is funny.

Example for using ‘Died’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video I sent you?

Yeah, I died! πŸ˜‚ That was hilarious!

I know, right? I couldn’t stop laughing!

I had tears in my eyes! It was so funny!