What does DILLIGAF stand for?

Do I look like I give a flip?

When someone uses the acronym DILLIGAF, they’re expressing that they don’t care about what you’re saying or your problems. It’s a harsh way of saying “Does it look like I give a f***?”

Often, you’ll find this term being used online by people looking to cause trouble or stir up arguments. These people are commonly known as trolls, and they find amusement in upsetting others.

If you happen to encounter a person using DILLIGAF, it’s best to remember the Internet’s Golden Rule: DNFTT. This stands for “Do Not Feed The Trolls”, a reminder not to engage with people looking to provoke arguments online.

Example for using ‘DILLIGAF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the comment I left on that viral video?

Yeah, I did. The person who replied to you seemed really angry.

I know, right? They were like, “DILLIGAF?”

Wow, that’s rude. They clearly don’t care about anyone’s opinion.