What does FIFO stand for?

First in, first out

FIFO is a popular term used commonly by people working in technology or inventory management. It stands for “first in, first out”. Basically, FIFO is a system or method used to handle, process, and get rid of items in a list or queue.

It means that the first item to enter the list or queue is the first item to get processed and removed from the list. For example, when using a printer, the first document sent to the printer will be the first one to get printed, no matter how many pages it has, even if the next document in line is just a single page. (Oh yes, we’ve all faced that scenario.)

Another example of the use of FIFO can be seen in restaurants. To make sure they are always using the freshest ingredients, restaurants might apply the FIFO method. This means they will always use the oldest food first, ensuring that nothing goes to waste and the freshest ingredients are always available for customers.

So, FIFO is a simple yet efficient way to manage queues and ensure everything is processed in the order it was received, no matter where it is applied, be it in technology, inventory management, or even a restaurant kitchen.

Example for using ‘FIFO’ in a conversation

Hey, remember when we went to that restaurant with the amazing food?

Yes, it was so good! What about it?

Well, they use FIFO to make sure they always use their oldest food first.

Ah, got it! So the first ingredients they get are the first ones they use.