What does Gibs mean in FPS gaming?

Gibs means Giblets

Ever wonder what that graphic display of bloody body parts after a successful shot in an FPS game is called? Well, it’s known as Gibs.

When you’re deep in the heat of a gaming session and you land a perfect shot with your rocket launcher or any other heavy weapon, the ensuing mess is what gamers refer to as Gibs. A bit gory, but it’s all part of the immersive experience.

It’s not just for visual effect, though. Gibs also serve as a clear indicator that your shot was on point. In a way, it’s like a high-five from the game for your accuracy and timing.

So next time when you’re in a virtual battlefield and you see bits of your enemy flying across the screen, you’ll know – those are Gibs.

Example for using ‘Gibs’ in a conversation

Hey, did you play that new video game?

Yeah, it’s awesome! I love the gibs!

What are gibs?

Gibs are the bloody body parts that fly everywhere when you shoot someone in the game. It’s so satisfying!