Good Shout

What does Good Shout mean?

Good Shout equals Good idea

If someone says “Good Shout” after you’ve shared an idea, they’re giving you a thumbs up. This slang phrase is a way of saying, “Hey, that’s a really good idea!” The term comes from British slang but thanks to the internet, it’s now used all over the world.

Related to this, if someone says, “That’s a shout“, what they’re really saying is “Hmm, that’s an interesting idea.” On the flip side, if someone says “Bad Shout“, they’re telling you that your idea isn’t so great.

Another phrase you might come across is “It’s my shout“. This phrase is a way of saying “This idea or treat is on me”. So, as you can see, ‘shout’ can be used in many different ways to talk about ideas.

Example for using ‘Good Shout’ in a conversation

Hey, I just found a great place for lunch! It’s this new burger joint in town.

Oh, really? What’s it called?

It’s called “Burger Haven”. I heard their burgers are amazing!

Good shout! Let’s go there for lunch today then.