What does Gv mean?


Gv is an abbreviation for the word “give” or “gave” when used in past tense. You often come across it online or in text messages as a way to cut down on typing time and character count.

Its usage is quite broad because of its ambiguity. You can use it when talking about giving a gift, or in an unfortunate situation where you’re discussing giving someone a contagious disease. Even when you’re teasing someone by giving them a hard time, you can use gv.

However, it’s important to note that gv is not a widely known slang term. It’s primarily used by those who are well-versed in internet lingo. So, if you use it with someone who’s not familiar with the term, chances are you’ll have to explain what it means, and that sort of defeats the purpose of using a shorthand in the first place.

Example for using ‘Gv’ in a conversation

Hey, can you Gv me a hand with my homework? πŸ™

Sure, what do you need help with? πŸ€”

I’m stuck on this math problem. Can you Gv me a hint? 🧐

Of course! The answer is 42. πŸ˜‰