What does HG mean?

Holy grail

On social media, when someone refers to their most loved product as their HG, it means “Holy Grail”. This reference is a comparison to the legendary Holy Grail, a cup believed to have miraculous healing properties and the ability to grant eternal life. The user’s favorite product, in their eyes, is as precious and desirable as the Holy Grail.

Take, for instance, a person who has discovered a makeup product that makes them look absolutely stunning. They may call this makeup their HG. This term is particularly popular among makeup aficionados, who see their treasured makeup products as their own Holy Grails, serving a similar purpose to the mythical relic.

Example for using ‘HG’ in a conversation

OMG, I just found my HG foundation! 😍

That’s awesome! What’s so special about it? πŸ€”

It gives me a flawless finish and lasts all day! It’s like magic! ✨

Wow, sounds like the HG of foundations! I need to try it too! πŸ’„