What does HLM stand for?

He loves me

When a person uses the abbreviation HLM, they are letting others know that a certain “he” in their life has declared his romantic feelings for them. This could be a boyfriend, husband or any male figure that’s significant to them. A typical instance would be a teenage girl, filled with excitement and love, sending a text to her friends saying “HLM!” after her boyfriend has just expressed his love for her.

HLM is a rather specific and less popular slang term. You might need to figure out who the “he” is from the rest of the conversation or message if it isn’t clearly stated. The context in which it’s used can often provide a clue.

While many might see HLM as a positive thing, signifying a deep romantic connection, it can also be used in a less than thrilled tone. Suppose a guy you see as a brother confesses his love for you. You might then text your pals “HLM…” followed by a vomiting emoji to express your discomfort or distaste.

So, the next time you encounter HLM, remember its meaning and use it wisely. It’s a simple way to share your romantic updates, but remember, not everyone might be thrilled to be the object of someone’s affection.

Example for using ‘HLM’ in a conversation

Friend 1: OMG, guess what? 😍

Friend 2: What happened? Tell me! 🀩

Friend 1: My bf just told me he loves me! HLM! πŸ₯°

Friend 2: Aww, that’s so sweet! I’m really happy for you! πŸ’•