What does HOM stand for?

Hit or miss

If you see someone using “HOM” in a message, they might be talking about something that’s pretty random or has a slim chance of happening. Like if your pal, Larry, wants to know what to get at your go-to diner, you could say, “The appetizers are HOM, but the main dishes are all great.”

Another way people use “HOM” is to describe something that’s all over the place or lacking organization. Let’s say your sister, Betty, wants to know how a recent work event went. You could reply, “It was alright. The presenters were HOM, but the workshops were mostly good. Plus, the venue was top-notch.”

Example for using ‘HOM’ in a conversation

Hey, do you want to go to the beach tomorrow?

Sure, but the weather forecast says it might rain. It’s HOM.

Yeah, I heard that too. Let’s keep an eye on it and decide tomorrow morning.

Sounds good. HOM whether we’ll get some sunshine or not!