What does Horribad mean?

Extremely terrible

Imagine a situation being so terrible that it goes beyond just being “bad” or “horrible”. That’s where the term “horribad” comes in. It’s a fusion of the words “horrible” and “bad”. For instance, if you had a vacation where you ended up getting ill and hurt, you could label it as a “horribad trip”.

Moreover, the term “horribad” is not limited to real-life situations. It’s also common in the world of online gaming. If a player’s performance is so poor, it’s beyond just being bad, it’s referred to as “horribad”. So, if there’s a teammate you don’t want to join because of their poor performance, you might say to your buddy, “I’m not going to waste my time with her. She’s horribad!”

The term can also be used to describe the overall quality of a game, including its plot, graphics, and other aspects. For example, if you were looking forward to a game sequel but found it disappointing, you might express your disappointment by saying, “I had high hopes for the sequel, but it was completely horribad.”

Example for using ‘Horribad’ in a conversation

I just finished watching that new movie everyone’s talking about…

Oh, really? How was it?

Horribad! I couldn’t believe how bad the acting was.