What does ITBOOTP stand for?

In the bathroom, out of toilet paper

Imagine you’re in a restroom, perhaps at a restaurant or a friend’s house, and you suddenly realize there’s no toilet paper. That’s when ITBOOTP comes in handy. This uncommon acronym is a quick way to text a friend or family member about your desperate situation.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say your friend, John, just finished using the bathroom at a fast-food joint only to discover there’s no toilet paper left. John might pull out his phone and frantically text you, “ITBOOTP!!!!” in all capital letters to signal his distress.

Or maybe your sibling, Sarah, is at a sleepover at a friend’s house. She finds herself stuck in the bathroom with no TP. She could quickly message you, “EMERGENCY – ITBOOTP!” to ask for help.

In these situations, the acronym ITBOOTP serves as a discreet emergency signal. It’s a simple way to ask for help without getting too graphic about the predicament.

Example for using ‘ITBOOTP’ in a conversation

Hey, can you bring me some toilet paper? I’m stuck in the bathroom!


Yes!!! Help!

On my way with the TP emoji 🧻