What does Kewl mean?

Kewl means Cool

Ever wondered what ‘Kewl’ means in slang? Well, it’s simply another way to say “cool.” The term is used to brand something as awesome or popular. Unlike ‘cool’, ‘kewl’ is never used to describe something as mildly cold.

Originally part of the extreme 90s slang language, ‘Kewl’ was designed to give words a different spelling, making them seem more… kewl. It was such a hit, that even the traditionally conservative Merriam-Webster Dictionary added it to their list of real words.

However, as time has passed, the hip crowd that originally used ‘kewl’ have moved on to fresher slang terms. These days, ‘kewl’ is more often used with a pinch of sarcasm. So next time you come across ‘kewl’, remember, it’s not just cool, it’s a bit of 90s nostalgia too.

Example for using ‘Kewl’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new superhero movie?

Yeah, it was kewl! The special effects were amazing. 🎥🔥

I’m going to the beach this weekend. Wanna join?

Sounds kewl! 🏖️ I’ll bring my surfboard. 🌊🏄‍♂️

Just got tickets to the concert tomorrow night!

Kewl! 🎵 I love that band. Can’t wait to dance all night. 💃🎶

I aced my math test today!

That’s so kewl! 📚🎉 You’re a genius with numbers. 🧮