What does Killfie mean?

A selfie that could be dangerous or deadly

When people take selfies in dangerous situations, it can result in serious or even fatal accidents. These risky selfies are called killfies, because they could potentially lead to the death of the person taking the selfie.

For instance, let’s say a Snapchat user shares a selfie they snapped while engaging in a dangerous activity, like cliff diving. Others might comment on their photo with something like, “That’s a crazy killfie! How’d you manage that?” Another example could be a Twitter user posting a selfie from the edge of a skyscraper’s roof, which others might also label as a killfie.

The term killfie has become increasingly popular as more people engage in these risky selfie-taking behaviours. In some unfortunate cases, incidents where a person dies as a result of taking a killfie may be referred to as a selficide. This word is a blend of ‘selfie’ and ‘suicide’.

Example for using ‘Killfie’ in a conversation

OMG, did you see Sarah’s latest Instagram post?

Yeah, she’s standing on the edge of a cliff! That’s such a killfie!

I know, right? People really go to extremes for the perfect selfie these days.

It’s crazy! I hope she stays safe though, that’s a risky move.