What does Noice mean?

Noice equals to Very nice

In simple terms, ‘Noice’ is a playful twist on the word “nice”. It’s pronounced with an Australian-like accent to emphasize how cool or impressive something is. So, if your best friend gifts you a brand new video game, you might exclaim, “Noice!”

As for its origins, it’s not entirely clear where ‘Noice’ came from. However, it gained significant attention in October 2013 when it was used on the comedy show, Key & Peele. One of the show’s characters, played by Jordan Peele, used the phrase ‘Noice’ to express his admiration for some amazing breakdancing moves. In the same episode, another character, played by Keegan-Michael Key, tries to use the phrase as well.

After the episode aired, fans of the show started using ‘Noice’ on social media and it quickly spread. It can also be spelled as ‘nooice’ or ‘noiice’. By the mid-2010s, it was not only a popular online catchphrase, but people started using it in person as well. After all, it’s a fun word to say!

Example for using ‘Noice’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won two tickets to the concert tonight!

Noice! That’s awesome! Who’s performing?

It’s a surprise, but I heard it’s a popular band. I can’t wait!

Noice! You’re going to have an amazing time. Enjoy the show!