What does Nufn mean?

Nufn is another way to say Nothing

Ever noticed people typing ‘Nufn’ in online chats or text messages? Well, it’s not a typo. It’s merely a playful way to say “nothing”. This abbreviation originates from how little kids often mispronounce “nothing.”

It’s usually a casual phrase used among friends as it may be seen as a bit childish or immature. So, if you’re chatting with your pals, feel free to drop a ‘Nufn’ in the conversation.

Also, you might come across this term in some hip hop and rap videos. They like to use it as it adds a touch of street style to their lyrics.

Example for using ‘Nufn’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to?

Nufn, just chilling at home. You?

Same here, nufn much going on.

Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to have nufn to do.