What does OMFGAZ stand for?

Oh my freaking gosh and zounds

When you stumble upon the term OMFGAZ, consider it as a pumped-up version of the well-known acronym OMFG, with ‘AZ’ or ‘and zounds’ tacked on the end. This additional element is included to enhance the expression of shock or surprise. If you’re posting a mind-boggling clip of a man executing 20 consecutive handstands on a tightrope, you might tag it with “OMFGAZ!”

OMFGAZ isn’t as commonly used as some acronyms, but it’s still out there. Most people stick to the less intense OMFG when they want to express amazement or extreme disappointment. You’re most likely to run into OMFGAZ in digital spaces, like social media platforms or in text messages.

There’s a whole universe of OMG variations out there and OMFGAZ is just one of them. Others you might encounter include OMGD, ZOMG, and OMGN. So keep your eyes peeled and your texting thumbs ready!

Example for using ‘OMFGAZ’ in a conversation

OMG! You won’t believe what I just saw! 😱

What happened? Tell me! πŸ€”

I was scrolling through TikTok and came across this video of a guy jumping off a skyscraper! OMFGAZ! 🏒

No way! That sounds insane! 😲