What does Pax mean?

Peace and Love

When you see the word ‘Pax’ in a message, it’s a friendly way to say goodbye. It’s derived from Latin, where ‘Pax’ means peace, and is also the name of the Greek goddess of peace. This term is mostly used to send good vibes to someone, especially when wrapping up a chat.

Let’s think about it. Maybe you’re having an online chat with your friend Alex, and you need to hit the hay because you have to wake up early. You might write, “Feeling sleepy and got an early start tomorrow. Catch you later. Pax.”

Or perhaps, you’re texting with your mate Sam, and you’re running behind for work. You could text, “Running late for work. Pax.” In these examples, ‘Pax’ is used to send well-wishes and positive vibes at the end of a conversation.

Interestingly, some folks also use ‘PAX’ as an acronym to mean “peace and love.” Here, the ‘X’ represents ‘love.’ So, when you see ‘Pax’ in a message, it’s a cool way of someone sending you peace and love.

Example for using ‘Pax’ in a conversation

Hey, I had a great time hanging out with you today! 😊

Me too! It was so much fun! Let’s do it again soon. πŸ‘

Definitely! I’m glad we’re friends. Pax! ✌️❀️

Pax to you too! Peace and love always. Take care! 😊❀️