What does Pumped mean?


Ever heard someone say they are ‘Pumped’? It’s simply a fun way of expressing that they are super excited. It’s like when you pump air into a balloon and it expands, similarly, when someone is ‘pumped’, they are filled up with energy and excitement.

It’s especially common to hear the term ‘Pumped’ around sporting events. This could be anything from watching a game on TV, to taking part in one. The thrill of the game gets your adrenaline pumping, hence you’re ‘pumped’.

Who uses the term ‘Pumped’ the most? You’ll mostly hear it from young folks, like high school kids, college students, and young adults. They’ll say it when they’re excited about a party, a sports game they’re participating in or going to watch, or even when they’re looking forward to a music concert.

Just like the word ‘Pumped’, there are other slang words that people use to express their excitement. Some others you might come across are ‘juiced’, ‘amped’, and ‘stoked’.

Example for using ‘Pumped’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? The concert tickets are on sale now!

No way! I’ve been waiting for this. I’m so pumped!

I know, right? I can’t wait to see our favorite band live!

Me neither! It’s gonna be epic!