What does Pwnt mean?


Pwnt is a term that originated from the internet lingo called leetspeak. It became a common word among gamers in mid-2000s. It’s mainly used to tease or insult a gamer who has just been defeated in a game.

The term is most often found in online chats, particularly during gaming sessions. But, it’s not just limited to the digital world. You might also hear it being used in real life conversations. It’s pronounced as “pownt”, where you add a “p” before “own” and a “t” sound at the end.

You might come across several versions of ‘pwnt’ on the internet. Some of these include pwnd, pwn3d, and pwnage. Each of these variations serve the same purpose – to mock or ridicule a defeated gamer.

Example for using ‘Pwnt’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video game tournament last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! The final round was intense.

Totally! Did you catch that moment when Player 1 destroyed Player 2?

Oh yeah, Player 2 got completely pwnt! It was brutal.