What does ROF mean?

Rolling on floor

ROF is a variation of the very well-known term ROFL, commonly used to express a reaction to something humorous. However, ROF leaves out the “L” which stands for “laughing”, meaning it might be used in different situations, such as when someone is rolling around on the floor due to pain.

You’re likely to find ROF used in text messages, but it’s also quite popular online, particularly on social media platforms. Like, when someone finds a funny story on a group chat, they might respond with a simple “ROF!”

Or, when someone comes across a meme on Twitter that they can relate to, they might comment, “That is so true. rof.” So, ROF is a versatile term that can be used to react to various situations, not just funny ones.

Example for using ‘ROF’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what happened today? I found my old childhood diary and read it.

ROF! I can only imagine the embarrassing things you wrote in there.

Haha, you have no idea! It was full of cringeworthy moments.

ROF! I can’t wait to hear all the juicy details. You have to share!