What does ROTF stand for?

Rolling on the floor

ROTF is a shortened form of the widely used internet slang ROTFL, which stands for ‘Rolling On The Floor Laughing’. The ‘L’ for ‘Laughing’ is often dropped as the phrase ‘rolling on the floor’ already suggests laughter.

This term is commonly used in text messages or online chats. It’s a quick and fun way to respond to something that you find hilarious. For instance, if you share a comical story about accidentally wearing mismatched shoes to work, your friend might reply with “ROTF“.

ROTF is part of a larger category of exaggerated laughter expressions that include phrases like LMAOROF, OMGROFLMAO, and ROFLMAOWEC. These are just some examples of how internet users make their laughter more expressive and dramatic in text form.

Example for using ‘ROTF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat falling off the table?

ROTF! 🀣 That was hilarious!

I know, right? I couldn’t stop laughing!

ROTF, me neither! Cats are so clumsy sometimes. πŸ˜‚