What does Sheeple mean?

Individuals who are easily swayed or controlled

If someone is referred to as a ‘Sheeple’, it means they are overly obedient or submissive to authority. This slang word is a mix of “people” and “sheep.” Sheep are known for their characteristic of being easily led or going along with the group.

The term ‘Sheeple’ first appeared around the 1940s. It was used to tag people who blindly followed consumer trends. However, by the mid-2010s, the term had taken on a new life. It was increasingly used by conspiracy theorists to label individuals who are easily swayed or manipulated by the government.

Its use lessened for a bit, but then it came back into the spotlight. This happened during the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2020 and continued into 2021. People against getting vaccinated or wearing masks, often referred to those who got vaccinated and obeyed Covid-19 guidelines as ‘Sheeple’.

Example for using ‘Sheeple’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new vaccine?

Yeah, I got it last week. It’s important to protect ourselves and others.

Ugh, you’re such a sheeple! Can’t believe you just blindly follow what the government says.

I’m not blindly following anyone. I did my research and listened to health professionals. It’s about safety, not blind obedience.