What does SINK stand for?

Single income, no kids

When you see the term “SINK” on social media or in an article, it’s not referring to the place you wash your dishes. Instead, it’s an acronym that stands for “single income, no kids”. This term is used to describe individuals or couples who are living on a single source of income and don’t have any children.

People from all walks of life can be classified as SINK. It’s not just limited to young adults in the workforce. Even older individuals can fall under this category. Moreover, when we talk about SINK couples, one partner is usually working while the other isn’t. The non-working partner might be unable to work due to disability or simply chooses not to.

Remember, “SINK” is just one of several acronyms that people use to talk about their financial situations and lifestyle choices. There are others like OINK, DINK, and even terms for those with pets such as DINKWAD, SINKWAD, or OINKWAD. These acronyms offer a quick and easy way to describe one’s lifestyle in online communications.

Example for using ‘SINK’ in a conversation

Hey, I just found out about this new term called SINK. Have you heard of it?

Yeah, I have! It stands for “Single income, no kids”. It’s used to describe people or couples who live on one income and don’t have kids.

Oh, I see! So basically, it’s about people who are not married and don’t have any children, right?

Not necessarily. It can also include married couples without kids or even older people who are single and have no children.