What does SN stand for?

Screen Name

If you’re an active online chatter, you’ve likely encountered the term ‘SN’. It’s simply an abbreviation for a user’s online name or alias. This could be the username you use for your favorite instant messaging service, or the name you go by in chat rooms.

What sets your ‘SN’ apart is that it’s supposed to be unique. It distinguishes you from all other users on the same platform. So, if your name is John and you like to go by ‘JohnTheGreat’ in chat rooms, that’s your ‘SN’.

Just remember, your ‘SN’ is a big part of your online identity. So make sure you choose something that represents you well!

Example for using ‘SN’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s your SN?

It’s @CoolCat123. What’s yours?

Mine’s @SuperStar22. Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too, @SuperStar22! Let’s chat more soon. 😊