Swanton Bomb

What does Swanton Bomb mean in Fortnite?

Jumping on an enemy and using a shotgun on them

A Swanton Bomb in the popular game Fortnite is a slick move where a player swiftly lands on an enemy and takes them out, typically using a shotgun. This technique gained fame thanks to the Twitch streamer known as Tfue, who used it so effectively that the game’s creators decided to reduce its power.

However, the term Swanton Bomb isn’t new to Fortnite. Its roots trace back to the world of Japanese professional wrestling where it was originally named the ‘Senton Bomb’. This move involves a wrestler leaping from the turnbuckle and flipping onto their adversary.

The move was brought to American wrestling by an athlete named Jeff Hardy. He modified the move slightly and renamed it the Swanton Bomb.

The term has since then found its way into various video games, including Super Smash Bros. Melee. Here, one of Fox’s deadly combos is dubbed as the Swanton Bomb. Clearly, Fortnite is just the latest to adopt this term for a deadly, gravity-fueled finishing move.

Example for using ‘Swanton Bomb’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that insane play in Fortnite yesterday?

Yeah, I saw it! That was a sick Swanton Bomb!

Totally! The way they landed on the enemy and shotgunned them was epic!