What does T4T mean in gaming?

Thanks for trade

Often used in the gaming community, T4T or ‘thanks for trade’ is a term of gratitude. Gamers use it to express their appreciation when they have a successful trade with someone. For instance, a player in WoW might use T4T as a way to say thank you when you trade them an essential item.

While the use of T4T is most common among players of MMORPGs, due to the frequent trading of items, it’s not confined to just these games. In fact, you may see players using this acronym in many other types of online games as well.

For example, in online trading card games (TCGs), gamers often trade cards with each other. When a player receives a card they have been looking for via a trade, they might use T4T to show their gratitude to the other player for the successful trade.

Example for using ‘T4T’ in a conversation

Hey, do you still have that rare sword I need for my collection?

Yeah, I have it. Are you willing to trade?

Definitely! What do you want in return?

I’ve been trying to find that magical staff. Do you have it?

Yes, I do! Let’s trade then. T4T!

Awesome! T4T! Thanks for the trade!