What does TA stand for?

Teaching assistant

TA is a slang term widely recognized in the education field. It’s shorthand for “Teaching Assistant.” Typically, the term is used to describe a graduate student who aids a university professor with their teaching responsibilities.

Tasks that a TA might undertake include leading some class sessions, scoring assignments, providing tutoring to students, and maintaining regular office hours. The role is integral to the smooth operation of a class and provides a valuable service to both teachers and students.

It’s common for TAs to be aspiring educators themselves. The work they do as a TA gives them hands-on experience in their chosen field. In this sense, being a TA can be seen as a stepping stone towards becoming a fully-fledged teacher.

Example for using ‘TA’ in a conversation

Hey, I saw you in the library earlier. What were you studying?

Hey! I was going over my math notes. Trying to understand some concepts.

Oh, cool! Did you ask the professor for help?

Nah, I’ll probably reach out to the TA. They’re really good at explaining things.