What does Tank mean in online gaming?

Sturdy character

In gaming worlds like RPGs, MMORPGs, and MOBAs, a Tank is a type of character designed to bear the brunt of enemy attacks. This is done to protect other team members and keep them away from the heat of the battle.

When a fight kicks off, Tanks are usually the first ones to jump in. They lead the charge while support and DPS (Damage Per Second) characters hang back and follow their lead.

Characteristics of a Tank include having a high HP (Hit Points or Health Points), wearing strong armor, and having access to buffs or power-ups that boost their ability to withstand damage. This makes them the perfect shield for their team, helping everyone survive the toughest fights.

Moreover, many Tanks have special skills or abilities like taunts. Taunts are techniques that force enemies to focus their attacks on the Tank, drawing attention away from the more vulnerable team members.

Example for using ‘Tank’ in a conversation

Hey, I just started playing this new game! Do you know what a ‘Tank’ is?

Yeah, a ‘Tank’ is a character who takes all the hits for the team!

Oh, so they’re like the shield, right?

Exactly! They have lots of health and armor to protect the rest of the team.