What does TMTH stand for?

Too much to handle

Ever met someone who’s just a bit too much? Or had to deal with a situation that felt overwhelming? You might describe it as TMTH, or “too much to handle.” This phrase can be used for people or circumstances that feel overbearing or intense.

For example, if you have a demanding partner, you might tell your friend, “My boyfriend is TMTH.” Or if a situation is giving you a lot of stress, like losing a job, you could say, “This whole job loss situation is TMTH.”

This term is often used in online chats or text messages. Another way you might see it is as 2M2H. This is just another way of saying the same thing.

Let’s say you have a boss who’s always checking up on you. You might text your co-worker, “Man, the boss is being TMTH today!” Or imagine a couple who adopts an overly energetic dog. They might laugh and say, “Baxter is TMTH. We need to rest!”

Example for using ‘TMTH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Monica’s latest Instagram post?

Yeah, she’s always posting selfies. It’s TMTH.