What does TOIOM stand for?

This one is on me

If you get a message with the acronym ‘TOIOM’, it typically means the sender is offering to cover the cost of something. This could be anything from a dinner to a round of drinks. It’s a friendly gesture often used to coax you into joining them for an event or outing.

However, ‘TOIOM’ can have another meaning too. When someone messes up or makes a mistake, they might use ‘TOIOM’ as a way of accepting blame. A message like “TOIOM, srry” would be someone admitting their error and taking responsibility for it.

So, whether it’s picking up the tab or owning up to a mistake, ‘TOIOM’ is a handy phrase to know. Just keep in mind the context of the conversation to understand which meaning is being used.

Example for using ‘TOIOM’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m heading to the coffee shop. Want anything?

Sure, a latte would be great! TOIOM 😊

Awesome! Thanks! I’ll grab it for you.

No problem! Let me know when you’re there.