What does W/B stand for?

Welcome back

Ever wondered what W/B means in online chats? It’s simple – it stands for “welcome back”. This is usually used when a person returns after being away from the chat for a while, also known as being AFK (Away From Keyboard).

So, if someone sends you a message saying W/B, they’re basically expressing that they’re happy to see you back online, and they’re probably ready to resume the conversation with you. It’s a friendly way to acknowledge your return.

And remember, it’s good manners to respond to a W/B message. A simple “thx” or “thanks” would do. It’s a small gesture that shows you appreciate their warm welcome back into the chat.

Example for using ‘W/B’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m finally back online! πŸ˜„

W/B! Missed you! How was your day? 🌞

Thanks! It was good. Just finished work. How about you? πŸ‘

Glad to hear that! Had a busy day too, but now I’m ready to chat. 😊