What does WUWT stand for?

What’s up with that

If something leaves you baffled in a chat, you can respond with “WUWT”, an acronym for “what’s up with that.” This basically means, “I don’t understand.”

WUWT can be used as a rhetorical question or a reaction to a statement. Suppose your colleague sends you a message about some office drama involving the manager and the intern, you could respond with, “Ew. WUWT?” Alternatively, if your mate texts you about a new rule banning TikTok in your region, you might respond with, “Seriously? WUWT.”

Most commonly, WUWT is used in online chats and text messages. However, it can also be seen in emails, discussion boards, and social media. For instance, if a Twitter user shares a news about your beloved cafe shutting down, you might respond with, “Oh no. WUWT?!?!”

Example for using ‘WUWT’ in a conversation

Did you hear about the new superhero movie coming out?

Yeah, I saw the trailer. It looks awesome!

I know, right? But WUWT with that villain? He looks so strange.

I think that’s the point. They wanted a unique and unpredictable antagonist.