Yeah No

What does Yeah No mean?

‘Yeah No’ stands for ‘No’

When someone says “yeah no”, what they really mean is “no”. For instance, if your buddy Mike asks you if he should quit his job to pursue a music career, you might respond with “yeah no”. Here, the “yeah” part shows that you understand Mike’s desire for a change, while the “no” part suggests that you don’t think quitting his job is the best idea.

This form of communication is particularly popular in the US, especially in regions where maintaining a polite demeanor is highly valued. An example would be Minnesota, where locals often use “yeah no” to gently disagree with someone in order to keep the peace and avoid any conflict.

Interestingly, “yeah no” has a less commonly used twin phrase, “no yeah”. Even though it may seem similar, it carries the reverse meaning.

While “yeah no” can be found in text messages or social media posts, it’s primarily used in face-to-face conversations. Depending on the person’s tone of voice, the meaning of “yeah no” can change. For example, if someone uses a gentle tone when saying “yeah no”, they’re trying to give their “no” in a reassuring way. But, if they drawl it out as a long “yeeeeaah no”, it can come across as a sarcastic or condescending “no”.

Example for using ‘Yeah No’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, did you see that new movie?

You: Yeah, no. I heard it wasn’t that great.

Friend: Really? I thought it was amazing!

You: Yeah, no. I just didn’t enjoy it.