What does Zing mean?

Zing equals to Owned

Ever heard the term ‘Zing’? Well, it’s a slang that refers to the act of taking a dig at someone, in a clever and humorous way. It’s used when you’ve managed a witty and somewhat insulting comment that leaves the other person speechless.

Imagine this scenario. You’re having a fun banter with your friend John, and out of nowhere, you come up with a smart and slightly offensive comment. If John is speechless and everyone else is laughing, you’ve just ‘zinged’ him!

So, the next time you manage to ‘own’ your friend with a clever jab, remember, you’ve just ‘zinged’ them! It’s all about having fun and keeping things light-hearted, so don’t take a ‘zing’ to heart. Instead, try to ‘zing’ them back!

Example for using ‘Zing’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new meme I shared? It’s hilarious!

Yeah, I saw it. But I gotta say, your sense of humor is as outdated as dial-up internet πŸ˜‚

Ouch! That one hurt. But guess what? I just found out you still use a flip phone! Talk about ancient technology! πŸ“±

You think that’s bad? At least I don’t still have a MySpace page like you do! πŸ™„