What does it mean?

Being up the whole night

When someone pulls an all-nighter, it means they didn’t sleep at all during the night. It’s a common phrase among students who stay up late to complete assignments, essays, or homework that they’ve left until the last minute.

But it’s not only students who pull all-nighters. Anyone can do it for various reasons. Maybe they’re working late, binge-watching their favorite show, or simply can’t sleep.

All-nighters often involve lots of caffeine. People drink coffee, caffeinated sodas, or take other stimulants to help them stay awake all night.

However, pulling an all-nighter is not really good for your body. After staying awake all night, people usually crash the next day because our bodies need sleep to function properly.

Example for using ‘All-nighter’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still working on that project?

Yeah, pulling an all-nighter to get it done.

Wow, that’s dedication. Don’t forget to get some rest tomorrow!

Definitely, I’ll crash as soon as I submit it!