What does AR stand for in gaming and gun control discussions?

Assault rifle

The slang ‘AR’ is often heard in the world of video games, particularly in first-person shooter (FPS) games. It’s a short way of referring to a type of firearm that shoots rapidly and is fed by a magazine, or ‘mag’ as gamers would call it. This type of gun is a staple in many FPS games, hence its acronym, AR, is commonly used by players.

Just like AR, other terms are used by gamers to refer to different weapons or items that are useful in the game. To name a few, there’s ‘ak’, ‘boomstick’, ‘BFG’, and ‘ammo’. Each of these slang terms represents a different kind of weapon or item in the game.

Besides the gaming community, the term ‘AR’, specifically the AR-15, is also a topic of heated discussions in America due to its frequent use in mass shootings. The debate revolves around whether or not this type of firearm should be legal.

Example for using ‘AR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new game?

Yeah, I heard it’s got some sick weapons.

Definitely! I love using the AR in FPS games.

Oh, you mean the assault rifle?