What does B8 mean?


When you see ‘B8’ thrown around in online conversations, games, or social media, it’s a shortened way of saying “bait”. This is usually used to mean someone is sharing content that’s designed to get a reaction from other people.

For instance, if your buddy Steve messages you something he knows will get under your skin, you might shoot back with, “Nice try, Steve, but I’m not falling for the b8.” This shows you’re aware of his attempt to stir the pot, but you’re not going to take the bait and react.

Or, say your friend Sally is getting trolled online. You could send her a quick message saying, “Sally, they’re just b8ing you. Ignore them, it’s not worth your time.” Here, ‘b8’ is used to warn Sally that the trolls are just trying to get a rise out of her.

However, ‘B8’ can also mean actual fishing bait, especially when it’s used in a different context. If your uncle texts you, “I’ll buy the b8 for our fishing trip, just pack your gear and be ready by sunrise.” In this case, he’s talking about the real stuff you use to catch fish.

Example for using ‘B8’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that post on social media?

Yeah, it’s so obvious that they’re just trying to get a reaction.

I know, right? Don’t take the b8, just ignore it.

You’re right, it’s not worth getting worked up over.