What does BFFN stand for?

Best friend for now

If you have a friend who is very important to you at this moment but you know this might not last, you might refer to them as your BFFN, which stands for “best friend for now”. This term is used when you have a close relationship with someone for a specific reason or under certain circumstances, but you know this relationship might change or end when the situation changes.

For instance, if you find yourself hanging out a lot with a colleague named Sam because he has a pool and you love swimming, Sam might be your BFFN. You’re not necessarily planning to be friends forever, but for now, you’re spending a lot of time together because you’re enjoying the pool.

This term, BFFN, is a twist on the more commonly known acronym BFF, which stands for “best friends forever”. Unlike a BFF, a BFFN is a more temporary friend, often based on convenience or a specific shared interest.

So, while a BFF is someone you expect to have a long-lasting relationship with, a BFFN is someone who fulfills a specific role in your life for a limited amount of time. It’s a less committed, more flexible kind of friendship.

Example for using ‘BFFN’ in a conversation

Hey, can we hang out today?

Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to the movies with my BFFN.

Oh, who’s your BFFN?

It’s this guy from work. We’re just good friends for now.