Big Small

What does Big Small mean?

A body shape with a big belly and skinny legs

Big Small is a term used to depict a particular body type, specifically in women. It’s often used to describe a person who has a larger belly but slim or skinny legs. This term is part of a wider variety of slang used to talk about body shapes, like ‘slim thick’, ‘thicc’, and ‘thigh gap’.

Be warned though, this term isn’t always used in a friendly or neutral manner. It can sometimes be used in a negative, even hurtful way. So, it’s wise to tread carefully when using this term, as it could potentially upset or offend someone.

The ‘big small’ body shape can occur for a number of reasons. For some, it’s simply the way their body is naturally shaped. Others might have this body type due to pregnancy, or because they carry excess weight predominantly in their midsection.

Example for using ‘Big Small’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new girl in our class?

Yeah, she’s got that big small body type.

What’s that?

It’s when someone has a big belly but skinny legs.