What does FOTF stand for?

Focus on the Family

FOTF stands for Focus on the Family. This is an organization founded by Dr. Bill Johnson back in 1977, with headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They engage in regular radio shows, maintain a website, publish magazines, and produce videos to spread Christian principles.

Known to lean towards conservative ideologies, FOTF strongly promotes traditional gender roles, abstinence, prayer in schools, and creationism. They are known for their staunch stance against issues such as divorce, same-sex marriage, and pornography.

In addition, FOTF discourages substance abuse, pre-marital sex, abortion, and LGBT adoption. Their beliefs and teachings reflect their commitment to uphold traditional Christian values.

Example for using ‘FOTF’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about FOTF?

Yeah, it stands for Focus on the Family, right? It’s a Christian organization.

That’s right! It was founded by Dr. James Dobson in 1977.

What do they do?

They promote Christian values through radio broadcasts, a website, magazines, and videos.