What does Bullish mean?

Optimistic view

When someone says they’re ‘Bullish’, it means they have a positive or optimistic outlook about something. It’s a term commonly used in two areas – finance and fantasy sports.

In the finance world, investors use ‘Bullish’ to express their confidence in stocks they believe will go up in value. If they think a particular stock is going to do well, they’re ‘Bullish’ on it. On the other hand, if they think a stock is going to drop in price, they’re ‘Bearish’ on it.

In fantasy sports, owners of teams use the term ‘Bullish’ to show their high expectations for a player or team. If they think a player or team is going to perform well, they’re ‘Bullish’ on them. But if they expect poor performance, they’re ‘Bearish’ on them.

Example for using ‘Bullish’ in a conversation

Hey, have you checked out the new tech company’s stock?

Yeah, I’m feeling bullish about it. The market trends look promising.

That’s great! I’m thinking of investing too. Let’s hope it performs well.

Definitely! I’m really optimistic about its potential.