Daddy Praising

What does Daddy Praising mean?

Giving compliments to a dad when he does basic parenting stuff

Daddy Praising is a term that refers to the act of lauding fathers for doing basic parent duties. It can be expressed through various means such as verbal compliments or digital acknowledgements.

Usually, this type of praise is given by women who are particularly impressed by fathers who are making a genuine effort with their children. This might be because they themselves had a dad who was absent or not very involved in their upbringing, or they have had experiences with fathers who were not very proactive in their parental responsibilities.

Many argue that the concept of Daddy Praising is a symptom of a larger societal issue where fathers are not held to the same standards as mothers in terms of parenting. On the contrary, mothers are often held to unachievable standards, which can lead to Mom Shaming, a term for when mothers are criticised for their parenting choices.

Daddy Praising could include words of appreciation for fathers who take an active role in their children’s education, help with bedtime routines, assist kids in getting ready in the morning, or take part in feeding them. This phrase can also be written as “Daddy-praising” or “Dad praising.”

Example for using ‘Daddy Praising’ in a conversation

Did you see that video of John changing his baby’s diaper? 😍

Yes, I saw it! He’s such a great dad! πŸ‘

I know, right? It’s so refreshing to see dads being involved in parenting. We need more daddy praising! πŸ™Œ

Absolutely! Dads deserve recognition for doing the simplest things. It’s important to break those stereotypes. πŸ’ͺ