What does Swole mean?

Extremely buffed up

Swole is a slang term often used to describe someone as being extremely muscular. It’s derived from the word “swollen,” referring to the bulging muscles of a buff individual.

The term started to get noticed back in the 90s, especially after it was used in a 1991 track by rapper Kool G Rap. However, it was during the 2010s when swole really took off, becoming a popular term in the world of bodybuilding and fitness social media.

While ‘swole’ is regularly used to compliment someone’s well-built body, it can also be used somewhat more broadly to describe anything that is swollen or large in size. For example, an overly confident person might be described as having a “swole head”.

And yes, you might also see the term spelled as ‘swoll’. It’s just another way of writing the same slang.

Example for using ‘Swole’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Mike lately?

Yeah, I saw him at the gym yesterday. He’s looking swole!

No way! He must have been hitting the weights hard.

Definitely! His muscles are so big, it’s crazy.