What does DAQ stand for?

Dumb asked question

When you see the term DAQ, it’s referring to a question that seems pretty obvious. It’s like asking what number to dial for 911 when there’s an emergency. The origin of DAQ is from the well-known term FAQ, which stands for “frequently asked questions”.

You’ll mostly come across DAQ in digital spaces, such as tech forums or in text messages. For instance, if someone asks how to turn their computer off and on again, another user might respond by saying, “Looks like we’ve got our first DAQ of the day”.

It’s also used in casual chats between friends. Say your buddy asks you if you think the final test will be tough, you could answer with, “Well, that’s a DAQ. Obviously it’s going to be tough!”

Another example is if your girlfriend asks you if you think she’s pretty. A DAQ response could be, “DAQ. You’re the most beautiful person I know. :)”

So next time you come across a question that seems a little too obvious, feel free to reply with a casual, “DAQ“.

Example for using ‘DAQ’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know the answer to question 5 on the math homework?

Haha, that’s a DAQ! I haven’t even started yet.

Oh man, I thought you were ahead. Guess we’re in the same boat then.

Yep, we’ll figure it out together. Let’s get started!