What does Dced mean?


When someone says they ‘Dced’, they’re communicating that they’ve disconnected from an online chat or game. This might be due to an interruption in their Internet connection.

This term is often used verbally and pronounced as “dee-seed“. It’s a quick and easy way to explain why a player might have suddenly disappeared or stopped responding in a virtual setting.

So, whenever you hear or see ‘Dced’, just know that it means someone has been disconnected. It’s a common slang term in the world of online gaming and chat rooms.

Example for using ‘Dced’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still playing the game?

No, I got Dced. My internet crashed. πŸ˜•

Oh no! That’s frustrating. Hopefully, you can reconnect soon.

Yeah, I’m trying to fix it. It’s such a bummer to get Dced in the middle of a game. πŸ˜”