Dead Presidents

What does Dead Presidents mean?

‘Dead Presidents’ means ‘Money’

When you hear the phrase ‘Dead Presidents’, it’s not about history lessons or old leaders. It’s a cool way of talking about American money, especially the bills that carry images of past Presidents.

Not every bill features a President though. For instance, the $10 and $100 bills don’t. But a good number of them do and it’s these that have inspired the term ‘Dead Presidents’.

Who are these Presidents? Let’s take a look. The $1 bill shows George Washington, while the $5 bill has Abraham Lincoln. The $20 bill has Andrew Jackson on it, and Ulysses S. Grant graces the $50 bill.

But it doesn’t stop there. Higher denomination bills, although less common, also bear the images of past Presidents. William McKinley is on the $500 bill, Grover Cleveland is on the $1,000 bill, you’ll find James Madison on the $5,000 bill, and Woodrow Wilson is on the hefty $100,000 bill.

So, next time you come across the term ‘Dead Presidents’, you’ll know it’s just a fun and cheeky way of referring to American money.

Example for using ‘Dead Presidents’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got my paycheck!

Nice! How much dead presidents did you get?

Haha, I got a bunch of dead presidents this time. About $500.

That’s awesome! Time to treat ourselves to a nice dinner.