Discord Daddy

What does Discord Daddy mean?

A Discord Daddy is someone on Discord who offers gifts to get relationships.

A Discord Daddy is a user on the popular chat platform, Discord, who showers other users, often young, female or those presenting as female, with gifts. These gift recipients, known as Discord Kittens, usually behave in a cute, subservient manner towards their Discord Daddy.

Discord is a well-known chat application that supports text, voice, and video communication. It’s used widely by gamers, but it has also found a home among other communities who use it to chat and connect around shared interests.

A Discord Daddy may have one or multiple Discord Kittens, who often act flirtatious and submissive towards them. In exchange for their Kittens’ affection, Daddies typically gift Discord Nitro subscriptions or money.

However, it’s important to note that while the Discord Daddies often hold the balance of power in these relationships, there’s a risk that either the Daddy or the Kitten could be out to scam or exploit the other. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that neither party share personal information, as it could be used for malicious purposes.

Example for using ‘Discord Daddy’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about this term called ‘Discord Daddy’?

Yeah, I have! It’s when older guys on Discord give gifts to younger girls in exchange for a relationship.

That’s right! They usually prefer girls who act cute and subservient.

I’ve seen some people talking about it on Discord. It’s important to be careful though, because not everyone may have good intentions.