Discord Kitten

What does Discord Kitten mean?

A Discord Kitten is someone who pretends to be adorable on Discord to receive presents.

Discord Kittens are users on the Discord platform who present themselves as cute or desirable to secure gifts from other users. These gifts can range from Discord-specific items like a Nitro subscription to real world items like money or even clothes.

Discord is a widely used app for messaging, voice chatting, and video calls. It’s especially popular with gamers, but it’s also used by many different kinds of communities.

The relationship between a Discord Kitten and their Discord Daddy, usually happens directly on the Discord platform. Here, the Kitten will play cute, act submissive, or try to impress the Daddy in hopes of receiving gifts.

Being a Discord Kitten can come with risks, especially if the relationship moves beyond the platform. That’s why it’s important that Kittens never share personal information with their Daddy. The same caution should be exercised by the Daddies as well, as Kittens can potentially be scammers or have harmful intentions.

Example for using ‘Discord Kitten’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term ‘Discord Kitten’?

Yeah, I have! It’s when a person on Discord acts all cute to get gifts, right? 🐱

Exactly! They try to get stuff like Discord Nitro or even real-life items by being adorable. 😻

That’s wild! I can’t believe people would do that just for gifts. 🎁