What does Emc2 mean?


When someone talks about ‘Emc2’, they’re making a nod to a famous formula crafted by a brilliant mind. This equation, ‘mass-energy equivalence’, was the brainchild of the renowned physicist Albert Einstein.

It’s often used in casual conversation to label someone as a genius. So, if you’ve ever been called ‘Emc2’, it’s a big compliment. It means the speaker thinks you’re as smart as Einstein himself!

Keep in mind, you might see this slang written in a couple of different ways. Sometimes, it’s spelled out just as ‘Emc2’. Other times, you might spot it written exactly like Einstein’s formula: ‘e=mc2’.

Example for using ‘Emc2’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new guy in our class? πŸ€”

Yeah, he’s a total Emc2! 🧠

Really? What does that mean? πŸ€”

It means he’s a genius, like Einstein! 🌟